Create a business using freelancer
Create a business using freelancer

Detailed guide on How to make a business using freelancers. Make your dream come true by building a business using freelancers.

Create a business using freelancer
Create a business using freelancer

Detailed guide on How to make a business using freelancers. Make your dream come true by building a business using freelancers.


Build a Business Using Freelancers

Creating a business is a time consuming task and involves many risks. lets make this lot easier with help of freelancers! 

It's a usual thing that many of us find it very hard to build a successful business/enterprise. It is not very surprising that it happens; a successful business is never real without huge capital, risk factors and many days of hard work. When we dream about becoming an owner of a multinational company, seldom have we thought it could be real with a small effort! If you are interested to know how to build a freelance business, you are in the right place.

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  • What is outsourcing?​

Internet has gifted us an immense array of possibilities, and one of the biggest is cheap but efficient outsourcing. On-line freelance works have gained immense popularity that it's everywhere on the web. But have you ever thought you could use these possibilities to your advantage? Have you ever tried using freelance works on the web? The first time I used, I should say I was totally taken aback. I used, the largest outsourcing marketplace with over 3.3 million registered users all over the globe. The quality was excellent and a very good turnaround time and what's more, I got it done for a fraction of the cost. I researched about why there is such a big difference in cost in my country compared to the Asia/pacific region which is the center of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It turned out to be that these countries provide works like designing, Virtual assistant, coding and web development at a much lower cost.

  • But how can this help me make a business?​

My experience with was so good it never goes out of my mind! Then few days later I thought about using the cheap but high quality services on to make an off-line business. I myself a designer always wanted to have my own business but I never had enough resources to start one. was a one stop solution to this problem, now I don't need to hire a designer on monthly basis and the cost of designing and development being so low I was sure I had been heading in the right direction.
Before reading about how I made a successful business using freelancers and how you all could do in the same way, please understand that there are no expenses to start one. But it's always good to invest some for a good start.
Firstly I opened up a small office area in my city. Posters, Flex Boards, Bill Boards I made advertisements with all the resources left with me and I should say it was very well within a common man's reaches, and now I think even this wasn't necessary! Soon I began receiving a lot of work; I forwarded these works by posting projects on A lot of bids, it was always a confusion to choose the right freelancer! The reputation- reviews and profile system on makes it so easy to see a freelancer’s qualities at a glance. This helped me pick the right freelancer for the job every time. In a month my company became so famous for the level of work delivered for a price that is way less than what anyone else could offer in my town, besides I wasn't doing any work! When I summed up my earning for a month it was much more than what I expected and why not? When my competition was charging 1000$ for branding and logo with 3 mock ups, I could put up a contest on and provide unlimited amount of mock ups! And charge them the contest fee and a small fee for myself.

  • But is it just only for designers and developers?​

No, there are over 3.3 million registered freelancers from all over the globe and in an array of different fields. You can find freelancer with experience for almost any work you want to get done. Although App and website designing and development are the two main fields in on-line outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, Accounting, Data Entry, Article Writing, SEO, Engineering, Counseling are also gaining immense popularity these days.
When I started my company it was just for design and development but now I realize that there is more than just this on I am planning to expand my service areas soon. There is no need of much knowledge in the field to start the business! This is one of the biggest advantages I see about making business with Freelancers! I didn't know one bit about any development languages, but my company has successfully developed many websites for our clients and I should say all of them are very impressed.

  • Can I trust Freelancers?​

This question must be in everyone's mind. Can anyone trust freelancer who they never even talked to? Can I entrust them with my business? Will I have to take the risk by paying advance payments? Or will they be ready to do without payments up-front?
Many questions but one answer!
By the introduction of milestone system, has found solution for all of these demanding questions.

  • What does the milestone system do?

In milestone system, the employer has to deposit the money with (of course it's 100% safe). This money will be locked. Neither freelancer nor the employer can access it until both of them agrees with the work. Once the project is completed and employer is happy, she/he can release the money to the freelancer and the work is completed!
What if I am not satisfied?
If you are not satisfied you can request the freelancer to cancel the milestone payment. Once she/he cancels, you receive it back. If the freelancer turns out to be troublesome (which for me rarely happens) and doesn't cancel the milestone payment for you, you can enter a dispute to get back the milestone. In a dispute, both parties will be asked for reasons why they are in this dispute and what is their final offer for an agreement. You will be also asked to submit evidences regarding your claims. Once you are done a staff will review the dispute and takes necessary actions. If you have the truth with you, you will get back your payment, but if it's your fault and not freelancer’s then there is no solution as always. But the good part is, hardly all of these come into play, so you can rest assured that your money is safe with With this marvelous system has actually turned the tables on for what it seemed impossible few years ago. So if you don't have trust in freelancers, then you can trust

  • How to start my business with freelancers now?​

Reading my story, I am quite sure you all are well motivated to build a successful business using freelancers. Like every business, it all starts small, first choose a service which you think is in very high demand in your area and make sure there is a good amount of freelance workers working in the field (most probably you will). If you are ready to invest some money in this business, the best thing you could do is to develop a brand and identity. You can use the help of few freelancers to do this as well. Also don't forget to let everyone know about your new business with the help of few advertisements. I am sure it will be worth it.

  • Hiring a freelancer

When you get work requests and ready to hire a freelancer, make sure you pick someone who you think best fits for the job. Also make sure she/he has the skills and you know she/he is good, if there are low bids by new freelancers, make sure you test them by asking to do some small samples. These are few guidelines if you don't want to have a delay or bad quality because there is a small chance that new employers can get tricked. Once you complete some projects you can build up a list of good freelancers who you think are perfect for your jobs, also try new freelancers every once in a while because you don't know if there is a better freelancer hiding in the list of 3.3 million!

Some important tips

You have to be frank to any freelancer, that the work is not for you and it's for a client, this will increase trust between both parties
Paying on time is the best possible quality an employer can have. Any freelancer will prefer an employer who makes prompt payments.
Spend time with freelancer. You should tell them whatever you know about the client and his/her dislikes!
Building a business using freelancers doesn't mean you are the boss; always remember that the success of your business lies in the hand of all the freelancers working for you as well

  • Contests​

Building up a list of good freelancers is necessary because once you get jobs that are urgent and you cannot afford to take the risk of even an hour delay, they might come in handy. If you are looking for designs, then the best place is freelancer contests, where you can outsource thousands of designs for the price of one! I have impressed many of my clients with the quality and amount of entries that came along in the contests. Contests also provide ways to meet many talented freelancers who you can keep in mind for future works.
Taking your business to the next level
Never expect a hundred works on day one, with a good number of freelancers doing the job for you cost effectively, I am sure you will get more and more works by time. But you should never forget to spend some of your earnings to advertise your company, showcase your works to the public and conduct events. Off-line marketing is as important as what you do on-line. Numbers of works you get depend not only on quality of the work you deliver, but also popularity of your company.
Taking your company on-line!
Build your website. A website is a huge asset for any business. Make sure your website is ranked well in search engines like Google. Showcase your portfolio and services there. Also remember to use the immense possibilities of websites like on getting works as well. When you have a good team of freelancers, you can make much profit by working as a freelancer and forwarding works as well. You earn much for managing them efficiently. Make sure your prices are lower on such websites. Here the competition is stiff. The on-line world keeps expanding so will your on-line business. Internet is the best place to sell your services.

  • Conclusion​

For those who always dreamed about being the owner of a very successful company, this is yet another way to achieve it. I cannot say there is no effort required, but it’s very simple. From my point of view, using websites like to your advantage is always an open opportunity and making the most of it is where success lies.

When your company finds success, never forget to look back. How impossible it seemed to make a high profit business out of freelancers will always be there in your mind! There is never a success without effort, today when the effort required is so simplified and open opportunities are looking at you, never miss them. The difference between day one and a year later will be remarkable, I can guarantee you that, it comes out of my life experience
For those who already own a business, is a fantastic way to expand your services with its outsourcing possibilities. Your company can hire few freelancers to effectively make profit from their low prices and also sell your services to employers at, Overall this could be a one stop solution to find success in your career! So whats stopping you?
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